When creating our new backpack, we took into account not only our previous experience but also the wishes of our customers.

The backpack now looks even more expensive, and the materials were selected so that the backpack was easy to clean at home. Therefore, even despite the white color, you can always maintain the backpack’s brightness and purity.

The concept of this model is: "Everything in its place”. For this, we came up with special bags of different sizes, which you will receive with a backpack. 

The bags feature a special lock that will not allow their contents to fall inside the backpack, and thanks to the different sizes you can always find the right one without even looking.

This backpack features the same rain and anti-theft protection.


Zero cats were injured in the production of this backpack. This product uses only eco-friendly materials.

No one can open the backpack unnoticed by you. Our backpack will protect your belongings from theft. Catz-approoved.

Kittens recommend ordering a backpack as soon as possible with a pre-order discount.

Cats do not like water, neither do your things in the backpack. The backpack reliably protects your belongings from rain and snow.

Cats wash themselves in the morning. Our backpack is very easy to wash and clean, even at home and with minimal effort.


The purchase tracking system will allow you to always be aware of the location of your parcel, and the courier will contact you to clarify the convenient delivery time


On our website you can buy a backpack and pay for the purchase using VISA and MASTERCARD cards, as well as the international payment system PayPal, and Alfa Click payment system


If for some reason you do not like the backpack City Vagabond, you can return it back for free within 30 days from the date of purchase.


Any questions? Need help? Our customer support team will promptly, quickly and efficiently answer any of your questions regarding our products and services.