A backpack highly rated by the best fashion media.

Solid backpack

Protects your belongings from theft, bad weather or fall


We present you an incredible urban backpack with a colorful design, for the most active city dwellers.

Follow the city vibes. Bring color to your life.


for boys and girls

for men and women

for the brave, active and modern

We are convinced that backpacks should be universal. SUPERHERO backpack will complement office outfit as well as a party style, accentuating the individuality of its owner.

We wanted you to be comfortable when you put on your SUPERHERO backpack, so we designed a breathable ergonomic back. With it, you are sure to feel comfortable even on the hottest day. In addition to the basic version, the backpack features inside pockets for everything you might need: a laptop, paper, water bottles, chargers, pens, and keys.

Our backpack is your perfect city friend, aesthetically pleasing and timeless. Its solid but lightweight case is resistant to water and damage. Straps and one of the sides feature easily accessible pockets for passes and plastic cards. We also added two hidden external pockets for easy access without opening the backpack.

Hand stitched with a ventilated back, a stylish handle, and made of modern eco-leather.

Vivid alcantara and flock interior.

Magnetic key lock and a thought-out interior space.

Security, protection against moisture, customization opportunity.

The highest quality of workmanship and materials

City Vagabond backpack has an incredibly thought-out interior space. This has been noted by most of our customers.

In addition, the backpack will protect your belongings from theft in public transport as no one can open the backpack unnoticed by the owner. On the other hand, we have provided several hidden pockets for quick access to the most necessary things.

In the backpack, your things are sure to remain dry during rain or snow thanks to a waterproof plastic case.

You can configure the interior of the backpack yourself thanks to pockets that you can move inside as you wish.

We have extended the warranty on our backpacks up to six months for better confidence of our customers.

We offer our customers a free return within thirty days from the date of purchase if they did not like our product.

We ship worldwide. Free worldwide shipping.


The purchase tracking system will allow you to always be aware of the location of your parcel, and the courier will contact you to clarify the convenient delivery time


On our website you can buy a backpack and pay for the purchase using VISA and MASTERCARD cards, as well as the international payment system PayPal, and Alfa Click payment system


If for some reason you do not like the backpack City Vagabond, you can return it back for free within 30 days from the date of purchase.


Any questions? Need help? Our customer support team will promptly, quickly and efficiently answer any of your questions regarding our products and services.