When will I get my backpack?

- Delivery usually takes 3-6 days in Russia, and one day in Moscow.

What happens if I get caught in the rain?

- Nothing. The backpack will protect your belongings from getting wet. But do not forget that we guarantee the safety of your belongings only in case of rain. Do not try to pour water onto it)

Can I remove the magnetic surface if it bothers me?

- Yes, it is very simple to do. It will take you no more than a minute.

What is a free refund?

- If, for some reason, our backpack did not fit you, you can return it within 30 days after the purchase free of charge. Do not forget that the backpack should not have external damage, and the integrity of the box should be preserved.

How is the backpack packaged?

- The backpack is packed in a box. The box has a plastic handle. Box dimensions 47x35x18 cm (18x14x7 inches), weight 1,500 grams (3.31 lb)

What are your delivery options?

- We deliver backpacks worldwide. In some cities, same-day delivery is possible, while in others – next day delivery. So far, this service is available only in Moscow, but we promise to add other cities. We use a reliable and fast delivery service, therefore, our delivery to anywhere in the world usually takes from two to ten days.

Can the plastic part of the backpack be scratched?

- Like all wearable items, our backpacks get scratched. Products with a glossy surface are more prone to scratches than matte ones. But even so, scratches might appear on both backpacks. Very soon, a new protective coating will be available which can be applied to the backpack additionally. 

What should I do if a scratch appears on my backpack?

- A new coating will very soon become available in our online store that can hide mechanical damage and at the same time decorate your backpack.