Do you want to become our partner?

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We offer:

- Clear logistics

- Exclusive partnership in a particular city or region with a quota for mandatory purchase of products

- Non-exclusive partnership Start working with us with small batches.

You will receive absolutely free and adequate respectful communication and attention to any, even the smallest, issue.


Do you work on the sales-based terms?

- No.


Do you use drop shipping?

- No.


What is the minimum wholesale lot?

- Minimum lot is 15 pieces.


Who pays for shipping?

- For lots more than 100 pieces, delivery is paid by the Seller (Incoterms DAP).

- For lots less than 100 pieces, delivery is paid by the Buyer (Incoterms FCA).


We would like to assess the quality of your products. Do you offer samples?

- We offer a Sample Pack in such cases. It includes one sample of each of our products at a special price.